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Commentary: It’s worth fighting for the future of Camp Tahigwa
It was a perfectly warm summer afternoon in the middle of July as I sat in the grass. It was just starting to turn damp from the evening dew in a place where I had sat many times before. Surrounded by friends, the laughs were many, the hugs were strong and the tears fell in between. It was the last moment of what might have been the last summer at Camp Tahigwa.

Walk with Kelsey Kremer on assignment with Instagram
Everyone has heard the quote: You don’t know someone until you’ve walked a mile in his or her shoes. Of course no one really puts on another person’s shoes and goes for a walk, but my Instagram account will get you pretty close.

Apple of his eye – The Gazette
Paul Rasch is sure this is going to be the best year yet at Wilson’s Orchard. The orchard owner wouldn’t be in this line of work if he wasn’t optimistic.
“If you’re a fruit farmer you have to be optimistic or you’re just going to get out of this business,” Rasch says. “We have expectations for our biggest year ever.”

City of Vinton waiting to remove HESCO barriers – The Gazette
VINTON – HESCO barriers and sandbags lined buildings and homes along the Cedar River waiting for a flood that never came on Saturday in Vinton. 

Special Olympics lights the way for for personal growth, hope – Iowa State Daily
Marissa Yessak reached for the worn yellow baton hanging from a rope at the edge of the track on the morning of May 5. Her teammates held the rope, and her coach, Tammy Zimmerman, stood at her side. Yessak moved leisurely down the lane.The 8-year-old reached her first teammate. She stopped and leaned in as if to say “Hello.”

Senior leaders drive Iowa State’s success – Big12Sports.com
AMES, Iowa- A combined 239 rounds, 25 top-10 finishes, two seniors, and one new point of view. Seniors on the nationally ranked Iowa State women’s golf team, Laurence Herman and Victoria Stefansen have emerged as leaders during their four years in the program. As their golf games have improved so has their team’s outlook.