Code of ethics

My goal as a multimedia journalist is to tell stories that show people what they cannot see or show them what they can see from a different perspective. Journalists face an ethical dilemma each time we point a lens or pick up a pen, making choices about what to include in the frame and what to leave out of a story. As a visual storyteller I have made it my mission to capture the true essence of everything I photograph, film and design present a full and true story to my audience.

  • I will show truth in every piece of content that I make and portray people and organizations in their true light.
  • I will work to capture candid moments.
  • I will never shy away from a storytelling opportunity.
  • I will be a human first and a journalist second.
  • I will work to collaborate with other people. I believe that great stories can be told by working with other journalists.
  • I will recognize that photography and design can be art but not all art can be photography and design. 
  • I will be sensitive to the needs of those I interview and the needs of the public which I serve and create a balance of the two.
  • I will document society as I see and experience it.
  • I will report accurately.
  • I will avoid showing my bias or stereotyping in the stories I tell.
  • I will not alter or influence events I cover.
  • I will provide the proper amount of context in my images and videos and will maintain that context in the editing process.
  • I will continue to study journalism and seek new learning opportunities as long as I remain in this profession.
  • I will approach each day with passion and excitement for doing journalism.