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Iowa in the Heart of China
Iowa has become an unlikely difference maker in the United States’ relationship with China thanks to Terry Branstad’s appointment as U.S. Ambassador to China and his friendship with China’s President Xi Jinping. For the Pulitzer Center and Des Moines Register.


One last summer at Camp Tahigwa
For years, I’ve gone to Camp Tahigwa, an eastern Iowa Girl Scout camp. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and hundreds of other girls. But my week there this past summer, could have been my last.


Writing with Alzheimer’s
Sioux City writer and artist Bruce Hopkins was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago, today he would tell you he’s writing better because of it.


Movie Magic: Reopening The Iowa theater
Marianne and Rebecca Fons share the story of how they rehabilitated and reopened The Iowa theater in their hometown of Winterset.


Extra work and no pay: How Iowa ended overtime for thousands of state workers
As a result of the sweeping collective bargaining bill passed by the Iowa Legislature earlier this year, many state workers are no longer eligible for overtime pay.


A binding thread
When a friend asked Diane Thompson to stitch a quilt, she knew she had sewn up her spot at the table.


What you need to know about well water in Iowa
The water that comes out of private wells in Iowa might not be as clean as you think and there’s no requirement to test it.


“People don’t create art just to make something look pretty.”
Kenny “Sol” Tram, sophomore at Hoover High School, talks about his connection with art.


Thinking of Tim: Teen competes in memory of twin killed in bike accident
Olivia Jenks, a sophomore at Ames High School and accomplished triathlete, often finds herself thinking about her twin brother Tim as she is competing. Tim was killed in a biking accident two years ago while the twins were training for a triathlon.


How a daughter’s drug overdose turned her mother into an advocate
After the death of her daughter to drug overdose, Tasha Terrones, of Ames, wants to help other families dealing with the same pain.


Mother says Iowa’s privatized Medicaid is unsafe for her son
Marilyn Doocy’s son Marty Matteson has Down syndrome and lives in his own home with assistance paid for by Medicaid. Iowa’s shift to privatized Medicaid is making changes that could leave Matteson without a safe option for staying in his home.


One day on the trail in Iowa
18 hours, 19 stops and nine candidates. The Des Moines Register and Iowa City Press-Citizen staff photographers spent one day all over the state documenting a full day on the campaign trail in Iowa one week before the caucus. Photography by the Des Moines Register photo staff. Editing by Kelsey Kremer.